Very pleasant and assuring professional

A quick note about the services I received and still receiving from the owner of Foot Truck. Maria is a qualified professional. I appreciate her services very much, she is very thorough, honest, pleasant. She takes her time providing her services, very pleasant and assuring professional. I won’t hesitate referring any of my friends to her. I wish her the success in any future endeavours. Nina

Nina Haunts

Her work is excellent

Maria has been providing in-home foot care for my 99 year old mom for several years. Her work is excellent. It has been wonderful to have her skilled professional help during the pandemic. She is kind and caring. I highly recommend her.

Deborah Hudson

Experienced health care professional

I have used Maria Pieroni (Foot Truck) foot care service for 2 years. Maria provides excellent foot care in the privacy of my home. Maria is an experienced health care professional, who provides an holistic approach to general health care, specifically as it relates to healthy happy feet.

Colleen Kelly-Jansen

I have happy feet since my first treatment

I have happy feet since my first treatment with Maria. After several years of treatments for my ingrown toenail’s, her professionalism and technique has ensured I can comfortably stay on my feet all day. If you care about your feet call Maria.